Mary Watkins
Mary Watkins is a core faculty member and the Coordinator of Community and Ecological Fieldwork and
Research in the Depth Psychology M.A./Ph.D. Program at Pacifica Graduate Institute. I discovered her
work whilst browsing a second-hand book shop in Wageningen, Holland. It began to seem as if all the
books in the shop were non-English and then, suddenly, I spied a book with the title:
Waking Dreams. I
couldn't belive my luck! She is also the author of
Invisible Guests: The Development of Imaginal
, the co-author of Talking With Young Children About Adoption, a co-editor of Psychology and
the Promotion of Peace
, (Journal of Social Issues, 44, 2), and essays on the confluence of liberation
psychology and depth psychology. She has worked as a clinical psychologist with adults, children, and
families, and has also worked with small and large groups around issues of peace, envisioning the future,
diversity, vocation, and social justice.
She proposes that dreams are a function of the imagination, which operates all the time whether we are
awake or asleep. She believes that the world of the imaginal can be explored very effectively by the
conscious experience of the imagination, i.e. during dream re-entries, shamanic journeying or what she
interiorised journeying. It is certainly true that any conscious exercise that stimulates the imagination
can lead to a deep understanding of one's own personal symbolism and hence to an understanding of
personal dream messages.
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