The Upper World
Dreams from the Upper World usually have special spiritual significance or carry "big
medicine". Usually celestial in nature, you are likely to meet guides, teachers and angels
who bring spiritual truths and wisdom rather than commenting on your everyday
problems and anxieties. The Upper World is populated by higher beings who can help
you connect with your soul to retrieve lost wisdom. Beautiful gardens full of brightly
coloured flowers. Paths that meander through planned and managed landscapes.

The environment is bright and sunny, often with no obvious light source. Buildings in this
landscape tend to be architectural structures of grand design with people often reporting
seeing great libraries or universities. The energy to be found here is from sky spirits,
including the sun, moon, planets, stars and other heavenly bodies. They can be the
source of great healing and guidance, especially about our soul’s journey through this

Upper World Images/Symbols that may appear in dreams;

Impressive architecture
Libraries or Universities
Blue skies and bright sunshine
Mountain summits
Outer space
Solar system
Angels, spiritual beings, deceased relatives