Robert J Hoss
Robert Hoss, MS,is author of Dream Language: Self-Understanding through Imagery and Color published
byInnersource (2005). He is Executive Officer and former President of the International Association for the
Study of Dreams.  A frequent guest on radio and TV, he has been an internationally acclaimed instructor on
dreams for over 30 years and is presently on the faculty of the Haden Institute for dream leadership training,
and the adjunct faculty at ScottsdaleCollege in Arizona.
Robert has built on the techniques used in Gestalt therapy and has developed a new method of working with
dreams, which he calls Image Activation Dreamwork.
"Many popular approaches aim at simply understanding the 'meaning' of a dream. The better approaches
relate the dream to feelings and situations in your waking life.  Other approaches focus on experiencing the
dream in various ways without cognitive understanding, including dance, body work, artistic expression,
drawing the dream, or journaling. Those which are aimed at therapy, take the dreamer deep within
themselves to reveal emotional issues, conflicts and traumas that might lie at the source of the dream.  I
prefer a dreamwork approach which is aimed at understanding your dream in relationship to your waking life
situation; one that further reveals some of the underlying issues and conflicts in a safe manner; and finally
one which uses the dream to work through these underlying issues."  
Research seems to suggest that we have an instinctive emotional response to colour, and that this is as true
in our dreams as it is in our waking life. Part of the Image Activation Dreamwork involves the completion of
Colour Questionnaire, designed to trigger the dreamer's own emotional associations.
More details of this, as well as more comprehensive information on dreams, can be found in his book Dream
or by visiting his website