Weekly Dreamwork Courses
(usually between 6 and 10 weeks)
PLEASE NOTE: at the present time, these courses are not being offered
If wish you to explore the meaning of your dreams in a safe and supportive environment, these courses
will instruct and support you in that goal. You will be shown how to use a variety of different techniques
and have the chance to try them out on your own dreams.

All participants will be invited to share at least one of their dreams with the rest of the group and, during
such group work, you will be expected to contribute your own thoughts and ideas to the discussion. Very
much a hands on experience. Courses are scheduled to run in the Nottingham / Loughborough area. See
below for details.
Working the Nightshift
How To Understand Your Dreams
An Introductory Course to dream interpretation
These courses will be held at various FE Colleges in the Nottingham /
Loughborough area
Dreaming Yourself Aware
Increase self-awareness through working with your dreams
What can I expect to learn?
You will learn about symbolism and metaphor and how to recognise these in your dreams. In addition
you will learn a variety of different dream analysis techniques that will enable you to understand your
own dreams. Instruction will also be given in enhancing dream recall and how to keep a dream Journal.
The Dreaming Yourself Aware course will give you the opportunity to explore your own ego
consciousness and allow insight into unconscious beliefs and behaviours.

How will I learn?
Informal instruction will be given and then, working in pairs, you will have the opportunity to try out the
techniques on your own dreams. In addition there will be group sessions most weeks where one person's
dream will be discussed by the group. Participants will not be put under any pressure to share their
dreams if they do not wish to do so.

Is there an examination?

What course could I move on to?
Advanced courses will be available should there be sufficient demand. On the advanced course you will
learn more challenging techniques for analysing your dreams. There will be a greater emphasis on dream
sharing within the group and participants will be required to have had prior dream work experience.