A Day of Dreaming
Full day workshop  10am - 4.30pm
In the workshop, you will:

  • Learn about the nature and importance of dreams
  • Learn how to record your dreams and how to remember them better
  • Try out a variety of different interpretation/analysis techniques
  • Find out how to get help and guidance from your dreams
  • Discover new ways of looking at old problems
  • Explore your creativity through your dreams
  • Become your own authority on your dreams
This workshop is designed for those who are relatively new to working with their dreams.
It serves as an introduction to the basics of dream analysis and interpretation and
provides the groundwork for the deeper levels of dreaming covered in the Advanced
Workshops. It's an experiential workshop - which means you'll get hands on practice at
dream interpretation; working alone, with a partner and within the group.
The Agenda will be similar to that stated above, but will be dependent on the number of
In the half day workshop fewer analysis techniques will be covered.
Half-day workshop   10am - 1pm, 1.30pm - 4.30pm
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Participants should come to the workshop with at least two dream reports. Written down in
the first person, present tense, and in as much detail as possible. Recent dreams are
easier to work on, but any dream will do :)
If you wish, you may also bring a cushion/beanbag/blanket to sit on - the chairs provided in
some of the venues are standard issue.