Sample of Activities for
Years 7 to 11
These are a few suggestions only. The activities can be individually tailored to your
students and their requirements. It may even be possible to tailor a session to a
particular issue or topic that the students are currently reviewing.
A review of artwork and pictures used in magazines leading to a
discussion of symbolism and the importance of this in the
communication of ideas and concepts.
Making a Book of a Dream.
Exploration of metaphor in dreams and in waking life.
Exploration of Active Imagination and Waking Dreams. This could
include dialogue between dream characters and dream theatre.
Creative writing using dreams as source material
Drawing or painting a dream scene.
What are your dreams telling you?
Literary use of dreams in novels and films
Ideas for Science Projects on Dreams
What are dreams & why do we have them?
Can we make sense of our dreams?
The Aim of the session and the Learning Objectives will be dependent on the type of
activity chosen. These will be sent on request.