The Dream Experience
Unlock Potential !
Information for Businesses
This is your chance to participate in a pioneering new venture to bring an awareness of the power of
dreams to your Company.
The sessions will be run by Jo Harthan, PhD.
Dreams are an incredibly useful resource
in business; in fact they have immense
value in all areas of life.
Team Playing
Creative Solutions
Career Development
Psychological Value
Give your employees the
opportunity to set foot on a
staircase to the world of dreams; a
journey that can lead to increased
self-worth and achievement.
A session typically lasts two hours, but this can be reduced or extended according to requirements.
The session can be run as a one-off taster, to build team working skills and foster camaraderie amongst employees, or can be
run as an ongoing programme. The number and length of sessions can be tailored to your requirements.
Click on the link below for Samples of some of the Activities. (Specific activities will be recommended but these will be fully discussed
in advance of the session).
Sample of Activities
Jo Harthan works within the IASD Ethics Guidelines and will ensure an emotionally safe
environment for any employee wishing to share their dream with other participants.
Dreaming is a universal phenomenon and most people have an inherent fascination about what dreams mean
and what they have to say about our concerns and preoccupations. We all have enormous unrealised
potential and with that the ability to make a difference in the world around us. Whether that be to increase job
satisfaction, resolve problems or heal work relationships - if you are able to examine your dreams you'll never
be short of imaginative solutions to problems.
Why would I want a Dream Experience Session in my Company?
Sleep and dreams are universal human experiences. We can expect to spend one third of our lives asleep, and about a quarter of
that time engaged in the nightly experiences we call dreams. Since everyone sleeps and everyone dreams, everyone has a very
personal stake in this subject. In fact, at some point in life, everyone will likely struggle with at least one sleep/dream issue: insomnia,
jet lag, nightmares, sleep deprivation, shift work, sleep walking or sleep talking.
But perhaps more importantly, and less publicised, is the benefit to be gained from examining your dreaming life with the intention of
discovering creative solutions to current life problems, whether those are problems at home or at work. If we feel empowered to
resolve problems as they arise, those problems may not become major issues. Kekule, Einstein, Jefferson, Eddison; all
acknowledged the role of their dreams in their work. These people were no different to you or me, they simply took notice of the
ideas formulated in their subconscious and portrayed in their dreams. Your employees can be shown how to do the same thing,
sometimes with startling results in respect of innovative new ideas.
Sleep and dreaming impact on every area of our lives and are just as important for the health and safety of the body and mind as
good nutrition and exercise.
This is an opportunity to address your employee's natural curiousity, encourage the pursuit of more creative
solutions to work-related problems and stimulate a lifelong interest in the fascinating world of sleep and dreams.
Competitive prices, dependent on location and requirements. Substantial discounts available for block bookings. Price on request.
For more information or to book a session, please contact:
Dr. J. C. Harthan
01509 559177 (Mobile) 07941 449994
Or email:
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