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WORKING THE NIGHT SHIFT, How To Understand Your Dreams.
A comprehensive guide to dreams and how to work with them.

'Working The Night Shift, How To Understand Your Dreams' is the first book in the series 'The Dream Shift'. Part
One of the book gives a background to the history of dreams and how the modern world views them.
In addition there are chapters on how to record dreams and how to remember them better. Part Two is a step by
step guide to ten in-depth dream analysis techniques. It illustrates, with examples from the author's own dreams, how
information found in the magical world of dreams can be used to highlight behaviour and motivations, and also
provide a springboard for major life changes.

'Working the Night Shift is not only grounded in dream science and contemporary theory, but is one of the most
comprehensive books I have read on some of the most useful and well-accepted techniques for working with
Bob Hoss
Author of Dream Language, Executive Officer and past President of the International Association for the Study of
A Skills Workbook for Dreams

Your dreams are a true reflection of YOU. Dreaming Yourself Aware gives a structured approach to dream
interpretation. It will enable you to understand yourself and your dreams a whole lot better. You will learn to
work creatively with your dreams to make better life choices and open new doors into awareness and
understanding of yourself and others. It will show you how to translate your dreams into positive action for
change. Contains lots of exercises and free downloadable worksheets.

'This is masterpiece amongst self-help books. The insights I gained about myself through understanding my
dreams, have been truly amazing.'

'Dream, Analyse, Action – a recipe for success!'

ISBN: 978-1-84937-055-4
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A handbook of thirty dream analysis techniques for use by individuals, therapists or groups.

The main obstacle to understanding dreams is the censorship the ego sometimes imposes to protect its self image.
One of the ways to overcome this censorship is to use interpretative techniques that by-pass the ego and stir
memories and associations within the unconscious. This book describes thirty such techniques. They are tools to
help you work productively with your own dreams and the dreams of others. Many of the techniques can be used as
springboards for creative writing, providing stimulating and enjoyable activities for individuals and groups. The book
also contains valuable information about the ethical sharing of dreams, and suggestions as to how, and why, dream
studies can be introduced into the school curricula. There are also detailed Lesson Plans designed for use with
children aged seven to eleven.

'I would highly recommend this treasure chest of dream riches for anyone wishing  to discover just how powerful and
multilayered dreams can be.'
Robert L. Van de Castle, Ph.D
Past President International Association for the Study of Dreams and author of 'Our Dreaming Mind'.

ISBN-13:  978-1483942483


This edition includes commentaries that expand and amplify the content. The commentaries reflect the thoughts and
ideas of the author at the time of writing and will not detract from the reader's own interpretation of the messages.
The book is dedicated to anyone who is willing to plant grapefruit pips.

Paperback contains black and white illustrations.
(Kindle version is in full colour but may display in monochrome on older Kindle devices)
ISBN-13: 978-1484033241
A meditation on finding the juice of life using the metaphorical language of dreams.

An Illustrated book of the three Ws; weird, wonderful and wise. The book contains a collection of short poems and
pronouncements that tell a story about the search for the juice of life and, ultimately, a journey towards spiritual
freedom. Your journey may be different but you may find some inspiration here.
It will make you smile, it may even make you laugh, but it will also make you think about your own life and the road
you are travelling.

'Am amazing journey for me, from the first page to the last. I saw my life laid out in easily digestible chunks.'

'A book not to be rushed. It's simplicity is deceiving. Meditate on each page and squeeze the juice out of it.'

'Can't wait to grow my own grapefruit'.

Contains colour illustrations.
ISBN-13:  978-1481164061
WORKING THE DAY SHIFT, Using Dream Incubation To Change Your Life
Everything you need to know about how to perform Dream Incubations.

'Working The Day Shift' is the second book in the series 'The Dream Shift'. It will give you the tools and the skills to
not only change your life, but to build a belief in yourself and your ability to make the right choices. The book will
show you how to use the ancient ritual of Dream Incubation to put important questions to your dreaming mind;
questions for advice, guidance or healing.
The book contains detailed information and instruction on how to perform the Dream Incubations, which can be
undertaken, either as a self-development programme, or as a spiritual practice. However you approach it, you will
gain deep insight into yourself and your life, even into consciousness itself.
In addition, there are step by step instructions covering ten, innovative, techniques that you can use to explore the
dreams that come in answer to your incubations. Each technique is prefaced with a suggested Incubation Question.
And if you like to explore the more magical side of life, 'Working The Day Shift' will show you how to journey into the
realms of the shamans, incubate lucid dreams and even divine the future.

ISBN-13: 978-1500419134
1st Edition ISBN: 1-4120-5546-6  3rd Imprint ISBN-13: 978-1-4811-6891-5
Sample Dream Journal pages, contained in both editions, available HERE for free download
Old edition of paperback available HERE. Click for more information.UK mainland only.