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"The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of
their dreams".
"In our everyday world, we see only shadows. But when we
dream, we glimpse that which casts the shadows."
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  • Trained in Harner
    Shamanic Counselling

  • Certified by Robert Moss
    as a Dream Teacher
    Level 1

A special welcome to all those who have the
courage to explore their dreams
A selection of books to help those wishing to explore dreams on a deeper level; a level
that cannot be accessed by using Dream Dictionaries or third party interpretations.
Dreams of the FUTURE
Joan is the author of
several books and
numerous articles.
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Twisted Tales Series

Joan's dreams have recently led her into a productive phase of writing fiction and her
latest series of books is a collection of short stories, created whilst walking the South
West Coast Path of England.

Twisted Tales of Somerset
& North Devon.

Twisted Tales of Cornwall

Twisted Tales of South Devon

Coming soon . . .
Twisted Tales Of Dorset
Dreams are messages from yourself to yourself - trouble is, they speak a
different language to you and can be hard to understand.
Yourself Aware
gives a structured approach to dream interpretation that
will enable you to understand yourself and your dreams a whole lot
better. You will learn to work creatively with your dreams to make better
life choices and open new doors into awareness and understanding of
yourself and others. It will show you how to translate your dreams into
positive action for change.

'This is masterpiece amongst self-help books. The insights I gained
about myself through understanding my dreams, have been truly

'Dream, Analyse, Action – a recipe for success!'
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